ABout us

We founded Creative Curries out of deep love for real Indian food, for food that is fresh, healthy, and authentic. We are a family  owned and operated group serving delicious Indian food for over a decade now. We only use real and fresh ingredients for all our  restaurants. We strive to make each and every dish a wholesome expression of our love for food. We have indoor and outdoor seating, room for families, parties and even crowds. (Yes, we do catering…just ask  us!)

All of the ingredients we use here at Nirvana are fresh and authentic. Our herbs and spices come directly from India. We stock our restaurant kitchen in much the same way that we stock our home kitchen, with daily deliveries of fresh ingredients that we select ourselves, at the market each morning.
Dining with us is like culinary paradise, just as our name suggests. We are proud to bring our culture and heritage and sharing it with you by the Royal Gorge. From the rich flavors, spicy and savory dishes to mouthwatering dessert, we serve an exotic Indian menu.